East Africa Cans & Closures Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality cans, printed sheets and related components to the consumers located in Kenya and abroad. Our focus and commitment is towards delivering an outstanding customer experience and uncompromised quality standards.

This family business, established in the early 2000’s from humble beginnings and through knowledge and professional leadership, has developed into a successful story, and is renowned for its quality and services, providing a competitive edge.

We are extremely proud of our reputation and our success is attributed to hard work, quality and perfection in everything we do through the finest equipment in the world. Our unmatched experience in the industry has led us to providing some of the finest work.

Our clients include several multinational organisations and a vast number of them which operate within the East African region. We would like to acknowledge all our clients and suppliers from all around the globe and wish to continue with the same business spirit.